Review: The SHED Studios

Originally published on Wonderland Magazine at: Let your creativity run wild at SHED studios. Changing names isn’t something just for the Kanye Wests of the world, with Kingsland Road Studio also adopting a new title. But their new name The SHED doesn’t mean they’re comprising in their quality (not that we’re suggesting that’s what’s happened to Kanye…)… Continue reading Review: The SHED Studios

New Noise: Wesley Gonzalez

Originally published on Wonderland Magazine at:  Meet the ex-‘Let’s Wrestle’ frontman as he discusses what solo life has to offer.   Seen as one of the most underrated pop-punk bands, Let’s Wrestle bowed out last year with a final sold-out show at London’s 100 Club. Luckily, we didn’t have long to grieve before frontman Wesley Gonzalez… Continue reading New Noise: Wesley Gonzalez

Review: The Courthouse Hotel

Originally published on Wonderland Magazine at: Bet you’ve never slept in a Magistrates Court before? Being told you’re staying at the Great Marlborough Street Magistrates Court isn’t exactly the sentence you want to here. But the Courthouse Hotel has taken over the residency, and its opulence and charm means it couldn’t be further away from… Continue reading Review: The Courthouse Hotel

New Noise: KYKI

Originally published on Wonderland Magazine:  Meet the Crystal Fighters vocalist KYIKI as she embarks on solo life. People leaving bands to pursue solo projects is hardly unheard of (and yes we are all thinking of Zayn right now <3). What’s even better, however, is when some of our fave vocalists embark on exciting solo projects… Continue reading New Noise: KYKI

7 Wonders: Goodbye American Idol

Originally published on Wonderland Magazine at:   All the reality TV show’s best bits and LOLs in one place. Where would we be without reality TV? Never knowing the joys of Jedward, Rylan, and of course, One Direction. Yet one of the biggest music talent shows, after 15 seasons, has finally come to an end.… Continue reading 7 Wonders: Goodbye American Idol