7 Ways to Stay Warm on Your Next Night Out

Originally published on The Debrief at: thedebrief.co.uk/style/fashion/7-ways-to-stay-warm-on-your-next-night-out-20160161468

January is almost, sort of, kind of over. And it’s only fair that starting the month with a party means we should end it in the same way. Unfortunately the weather didn’t get the memo, so here’s how to dress up while staying wrapped up. Our insta-idols are showing us how it’s done:

1. Previnthouse


A vintage skirt looks good anytime of year. But being able to wear a long skirt in the cold is even better. Might have to loose the sunhat though, that’s probably too optimistic.

2. Stella Katterman

Stella shows that just adding some heels and jewellery means you look ready to head out. Make a statement with some bold eye make up, and your outfit won’t even matter – just wear all your jumpers at once.

3. Camille Charriere

The woollen dress was really made for this time of year. Combining all the glamour of looking dressed up with the comfort of being warm, you’ll have a great night out. Wear a pair of tights like Camille to save your legs from the cold.

4. Elle Ferguson

Going out in winter really means covering up as much as you can. So a long sleeved dress that goes past the knees? Yes please.

4. 5 inch and up


Layering is really the answer in every situation. Sandra’s turtleneck makes her outfit look even better – and bonus points – it still keeps her warm.

6. Sea of Shoes

Ugh, you know that feeling when you actually get inside a pub or club, you find you’re suddenly a million degrees? Jane Aldridge shows it’s best just to pull a thick jumper on over a dress that you can easily take off when you get inside.

7. Freddie Harrel


Ditch the heels for knee high boots when you’re going out in the winter. It keeps the heat in, and means you don’t have to deal with the pain from wearing high heels all night. Really, it’s the closest you can get to wearing your slippers on a night out.


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