Review: The SHED Studios

Originally published on Wonderland Magazine at:

Let your creativity run wild at SHED studios.

Changing names isn’t something just for the Kanye Wests of the world, with Kingsland Road Studio also adopting a new title. But their new name The SHED doesn’t mean they’re comprising in their quality (not that we’re suggesting that’s what’s happened to Kanye…) This studio still remains the most affordable photographic studio to hire in London. It’s all sophistication, being found in fashionable East London. With white walls and a minimalistic style, you can tailor it to exactly what you want. And with a green screen and black out available, what you want can really be anything. If spaceships and aliens is your thing, now’s your time.

Covering everything from set design to post production, The SHED’s about letting clients do all the creative stuff without having to worry about all that not-so-interesting stuff. They also make sure you have those bits you need to make your shoot run smoothly, including poly boards and sandbags – glamourous, I know. There’s also a stocked fridge, when you really just need to munch the stress away. 

There’s also 5000sqft of co-working desk space, so you can still (sadly) get all your work done. It’s for designers, photographers, and anyone testing out their creative side. Plus there’s space for stylists and make-up artists to work their magic. The SHED means you can actually have a shoot with a relaxed vibe, rather than everyone sitting on top of each other, wondering who ate the last muffin. 

Studio A offers a 2,000 SQFT shooting space, and Studio B has 800 Sqft shooting space. The studio provides a full range of power from 63amp > 13a. It can also provide grip, stands, boards, bags, flags and more words that we pretend we understand. 

There was no better place for Wonderland’s ‘Wild One’ shoot than the SHED, who knew exactly what we needed for an editorial. And with cliental ranging from Alexander McQueen to the BBC, the SHED prides itself on being multi-functional. The variety of studios means you can film anything from a music video to a long-term shoot.

In following the tradition of saving the best for last, there’s also a wine bar. Turns on The SHED really does understand creative people.


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